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What Do Delicious Recipes, Outstanding Kitchen Organization, And Stellar Customer Service Have In Common?

The Right Tools

Getting a sensitive recipe prepared to your high standards and out to the customer on time is driven by having the best possible equipment for your needs. Every aspect of an award winning dish and a five-star customer experience is influenced directly by your tools quality. But what makes top quality equipment?

Performance: Every tool, from ovens to spatulas, has a job to do. You and your team cannot afford to waste precious time with gear that cannot keep the brisk pace of your kitchen’s workload. Performance is paramount to getting the job done well, quickly. All of our equipment performs with excellence, and many of our tools excel at more than one function, saving you time, money, and precious counter space.

Durability: If a blade cuts incredibly well but cannot hold an edge, it simply will not serve as a worthwhile investment for a busy restaurant. The durability of restaurant equipment decides what kind of return on investment you will get. Several of our product lines are backed by solid warranties to ensure you can rely on your purchase for many years to come.

Safety: Without a doubt the most important criteria, gear must be safe to use before you would allow it in your establishment. The brands we stock have long standing track records for safety, and many include several safety features, so you can focus on grilling, slicing, and prepping, worry-free.

Affordability: Every restaurant is unique, offering different food specialties and dining area themes. As a result, for some types of restaurant equipment, it simply must be new. We stock all manner of top of the line brands for that purpose. But in other areas, high-quality, economical choices are ideal, and we carry those as well. We offer an extensive list of choices for restaurant equipment, from affordable used items to totally new brand name industry flagship appliances. Browse our Online Store, or contact us, and we will be happy to assist you.

We offer an extensive list of choices for restaurant equipment, from affordable used items to totally new brand name industry flagship appliances. Browse our Online Store, or contact us, and we will be happy to assist you.

Cooking equipment you can depend on to deliver superlative durability, unquestionable safety, and expedient clean up.

Cooking Equipment

Platte Restaurant Equipment offers a full line of incredibly sophisticated Royal Range of California Products. Royal Range has dedicated itself to performance excellence since 1994, and their R&D efforts are responsible for revolutionizing the entire industry. Their innovative, feature-rich ranges are engineered to optimize efficiency and deliver maximum reliability. All of the components clean swiftly and easily, including the stainless steel exterior, oven doors, kick plate, plus the porcelain coated interiors and contact surfaces. Less time cleaning is more time your team can dedicate to pleasing your customers.

These products are thermostatically controlled to a precise degree, and the pilot valves shut off gas flow should the flame ever go out. For maximum safety, elite performance, and magnificent energy efficiency choose a Royal Range of California product today.

Platte Restaurant Equipment also carries Connerton products. With over 80 years of experience, Connerton is the trusted source for a superb balance between performance and reliability. Our plentiful Connerton line choices include:

  • Hot plates
  • Manual griddles
  • Radiant broilers
  • Stock pot ranges

We carry other options to cover every cooking equipment need such as:

  • Fryers
  • Salamander broilers
  • Heavy duty manual griddles
  • 24”-72” ranges
  • Cheesemelter broilers
  • Convection ovens

The workhorses of your kitchen must be designed with peerless expertise to keep up with your team’s tireless endeavors. Contact Platte Restaurant for master-crafted equipment and only the finest choices in affordability.

Your high standards demand the absolute freshest ingredients possible. Keep them in pristine condition with one of our outstanding commercial refrigeration units.

Refrigeration Equipment

Maintain succulent, aromatic, vibrant ingredients for your one-of-a-kind inspired dishes. We carry refrigeration units for every budget that are splendid for general use, specialized applications, and restaurants of any size. Our products are available in a variety of temperature and humidity ranges to optimally maintain your ingredient’s superb texture, flavor, and color at maximum energy efficiency. Ensure that the final dish meets your expectations and exceeds that of your customers with one of our featured brands.

Our featured brands include Kelvinator Commercial and the Everest Commercial, both covered by a solid three year parts and labor warranty plus five years of compressor coverage. We also have the MaxxCold X-Series, covered by a worry-free two year parts and labor warranty.

Our versatile line of competitively priced and warranty-protected refrigeration units includes:

  • Refrigerators and freezers ideally sized for your specific needs: walk-in, reach-in, and under-counter
  • Convenient chest freezers
  • Coolers for bottles, kegs, and the back bar
  • Time saving sandwich and pizza prep tables
  • Mega-tops and chef bases for busy kitchens
  • Ice machines, dipping cabinets, and glass chillers
  • Glass door merchandisers to display your culinary finesse

Whether you are just starting out and looking to acquire one or two units or you are an established restaurateur seeking to expand into new locations, contact Platte Restaurant Equipment for all the tools you need.

Food preparation is the foundation of culinary success.

Food Preparation

Preparing, organizing, and storing food is what keeps a kitchen organized, efficient, and ultimately successful. Professionals such as yourself understand the value of mise en place, so that when your team needs something, it is proportioned correctly, easy to access, and at its absolute freshest. Maximize your time savings with the strategic use of our food preparation equipment to slice, heat, cleanse, and store all your scrumptious dishes. Sanitation must be maintained even in the lightning fast pace of a restaurant environment. Our stock of food preparation equipment wipes down fast to keep your ingredients pure and includes:

  • Hand and bar sinks for superb sanitation and quick cleanups
  • Insert pans and lids, equipment stands, and sheet pan racks so everything is right where you need it, when you need it
  • Counter top warmers, chafing dishes, and microwaves to achieve perfect serving temperatures
  • Slicers and cutting boards to produce repeatable portions quickly and efficiently
  • Sheet pans and work tables to optimize your work area layout
  • Mixers to combine all your freshest ingredients in less time with less mess

Maintain an immaculate kitchen and pristine ingredients with our cleaning and storage products.

Cleaning & Storage

Keep flavor at its freshest and your kitchen spotless and safe with our extensive list of products for cleaning, organization, and storage. Sanitation is priority one for any kitchen, and we stock all the necessary tools and equipment. Bring the quality of cleanliness for your ingredients and work area to a new level with less time and effort. Streamline your kitchen’s workflow with shelving built to last and incredibly simple to setup. Platte Restaurant Equipment stocks used cleaning and storage products that provide game-changing benefits at a remarkable price. Our stock of cleaning and storage products includes:

  • Grill bricks, wire brushes, and griddle scrapers for tough cleaning jobs
  • Glass washers and dishwashers to expedite routine cleaning tasks
  • Stainless steel and wire shelving to consolidate equipment and free up valuable space
  • Food storage containers and gloves to handle and organize all your ingredients
  • Floor squeegees, wet floor signs, mops, buckets and sinks to keep your work floor clean and safe
  • Brooms and dust pans to keep the work area clear and free

Establish the mood and surpass your customers’ expectations with comfortable furniture and stylish décor for any setting.

Restaurant Furniture

Set the tone and embrace the seasons with our impressive outdoor and indoor furniture items. We carry furniture for every occasion, from sizzling summer patios to cozy fireplace chairs. Everything you need for bars, lounges, waiting areas, and the main dining room is available and priced to move. Save money on a new restaurant or speed up a remodeling project by purchasing everything you need from the helpful, expedient staff at Platte Restaurant Equipment. We carry:

  • Chairs and booths to make your customers feel at home
  • Bar stools and high chairs that meld perfectly with many interior designs
  • Tables, bases, and booths built to bring friends and family together

Critical details and useful accessories abound in our diverse selection of miscellaneous restaurant equipment.

Miscellaneous Equipment

Making a huge impression on your customer is the result of hundreds of little things. These items work wonders in the background, keeping your restaurant clean and running efficiently. Your customers will appreciate that you offer extra services the competition failed to consider, and your employees will value the effort you put into ensuring they have all the tools they need. Platte Restaurant Equipment carries:

  • Employee lockers, safes, and time clocks to keep things running swift and secure
  • Trash and outside smoking receptacles plus baby changing stations to keep a pristine environment for employees and customers alike
  • Pen signs, pizza delivery bags and more

Affordable Used Restaurant Equipment, Dependable Service Plans, And Knowledgeable Staff.

Used Equipment

Used restaurant equipment is easy on the budget and Platte Restaurant Equipment has one of the largest selections in Colorado. Our selection includes everything from spill signs to walk-in refrigeration units. We offer convenient selection online or through our catalogs, financing options, and knowledgeable, friendly staff.

Over the last 25 years of serving Colorado and the greater Denver area, we have amassed extensive knowledge of our field. We have a rich understanding of the advantages of one brand over another, which features are the most important for specific food specialties, which equipment can multitask the best, and more. We are happy to use our knowledge to help you select the item that presents the ideal balance of performance, price, and durability for your unique needs.

In addition to our experience, we have dependable testing processes and service plans for our used restaurant equipment selection, including extended warranties for some brands. Running a restaurant is challenging, but purchasing used restaurant equipment does not have to be. Contact us to discuss what products, brands, and service plans are available.