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    Versatility and STYLE... Platte supplies equipment for all types of restaurants.

    What is the most important attribute that sets aside elite general food service kitchen equipment from the rest of the crowd? Versatility. Like a trusted companion, the blade that slices vegetables to the perfect size just as easily as it handles a large roast will find itself into your hand again and again.

    And Many More...
  • Fine Dining Always demand the best.

    When Choosing Fine Dining Equipment, Be As Discerning As Your Customers. It is not enough for fine dining culinary equipment to simply be the best. It has to look the part. Fine dining kitchen equipment does more than a job. It makes a statement. Just like the five-star meals you prepare, the presentation is critically important for your tools...

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  • Food Trucks On The Road, Durability Is King.

    When your kitchen and your vehicle combine, you face unique challenges on top of the everyday trials faced by any restaurant. If something breaks, it can be difficult or even impossible to get a replacement in time to salvage the day’s sales. While every kitchen puts its equipment through the numbers, only food truck specialists like yourself have to navigate busy highways, ride through tight turns, and accommodate other inattentive drivers with the occasional sudden stop...

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  • Fast Food The Key To Fast Food Kitchen Equipment Is In The Name.

    Fast. From deep fryers to soda machines to sandwich prep tools, fast food kitchen equipment must be built for speed. Customers who go to fast food restaurants are typically hungry and in a rush. They are not looking to wait for hours while the slow cooker tenderizes a roast. They want good food now...

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  • Casual Fare Affordable, User-Friendly Restaurant Equipment

    The casual dining experience is warm, welcoming, and easy on the wallet. Whether it is a taste of home or international cuisine, casual dining experiences share something in common: affordable equipment that is easy to use. Effortless to clean ovens that offer enough cooking options to make a wide variety of dishes but maintain a minimalist array of controls are well suited to maintaining the relaxed atmosphere casual dining is famous for...

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Platte Restaurant Equipment is committed...

... to helping feed the children and families in Colorado that need our help. Please join us in helping the Denver Rescue Mission raise money to buy food and provide shelter to those in need.

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